The Non Person

Since I started my weight loss program 3 months ago, I put a strict limit on my carbohydrate consumption. This brought an unfortunate consequence on my coffee shop frequenting habit. I still went to coffee shops to get my fix, but I stopped buying food. “How about some snack to go with your coffee today, sir? […]

Mistaken Identity

Last July, my wife and I were queuing to board the flight to Bangkok at the Frankfurt International Airport. Our conversation were disrupted by a small lady. “Excuse me,” she said with a smile, “Are you Filipinos?” I smiled back and said, “No, we are Indonesians.” She gave a look of disbelief. “But I heard […]

Shepherd’s Pie from “Macaroni Panggang Bogor”

As we were concluding our new year holiday in Bogor, we decided to have lunch at a well-known local eatery. Macaroni Panggang or MP for short is famous for its baked cuisine. Previously, we have tried its baked macaroni (from where its name “Macaroni Panggang” came), and lasagna. The MP occupies the lower floor of […]

There Goes Another Year

If you’re on Facebook, and you habitually post something on your timeline every day, after a few years you will end up with a collection of daily happenings in your life. And Facebook makes sure that you notice that. Every day they picked a selection of events from the past years that happened on that […]

A Proper Building for Our Office 

We are on the final stage of redecorating our new office building. If everything goes well, we will be working in the new facility this January. Yay!  About two years ago we were not sure whether to find a new place. Yes we had been occupying our present location for 18 years. Yes, there were […]

Drama of the Delayed Flight

I have been absent from blog writing for a long time. I kept delaying from writing a post because I felt that I didn’t have anything to say and I had lost the will to write. I happened to read some notes that I wrote on Facebook and realized that writing isn’t about making a bestseller […]

Last Thought of The Year

In New Year’s Eve, we customarily go to Church for the year end service. Not this year. I am down with cold, and I could not bear the thought of having to fight new year’s eve traffic. So we stayed in our apartment and rested the night away. We just moved in here, and for […]