The French Press Tea

I went to this coffee shop to get a cup of tea. I know that sounds weird (uneasy laugh). The thing is, I had coffee after lunch. A. Big cup of long Black one after a morning with no breakfast. Understandably an upset stomach ensued. Long story short, no more coffee for the rest of the day, and I ordered tea.

What I like about this place is they serve tea by the leaves instead in bags, and they use french press to make them. The longer you wait to drink your tea, the blacker it gets, and the more bitter it tastes.

I got used of using french press to make tea at home by accident. One morning we were having breakfast, and we wanted to have tea. We did not have a proper tea pot. Looking around the apartment, my eyes fell on the 0.75 liter french press that up to that moment I had been using to make coffee. And voila!

Like a tea pot, the french press can hold a lot of liquid. My guess this one holds between 500 to 600 cc. I have refilled my cup twice, and it is still over a quarter full. If you go to Starbucks, you”d have to order a venti cup to get this much drink. And you have to drink it from one cup. With a french press, you can have it one cup at a time. You can enjoy your drink right away without having to wait too long for it to be cool enough to drink.

The french press in this café has been through a lot. Its stained chrome plating, scratch glass, rusting edges, tell a story of use and abuse. My wife would have been horrified had this been our french press.

It’s interesting to imagine the kind of things this french press has seen and heard. Secrets? Quarrels? Frolics? Love? Friendship? Misunderstanding? Deals? Or maybe aloneness like it’s witnessing now?

There’s an aristocratic aura about drinking tea from a pot. The way it is prepared, brought to you, and placed before you on the table. The way you take it. It’s a refreshing change from the big gulp style of your daily office mug. A pause from the fast pace of instant life.

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