The Non Person

Since I started my weight loss program 3 months ago, I put a strict limit on my carbohydrate consumption. This brought an unfortunate consequence on my coffee shop frequenting habit. I still went to coffee shops to get my fix, but I stopped buying food.

“How about some snack to go with your coffee today, sir? We have banana frites, and French fries,” the waiter opened the menu to the snack section to show me the picture. I had my lunch at 3.30 pm, my stomach was still full, and on the other hand there wasn’t a protein that was not fried on the snack menu. So I decided to pass.

“No, just coffee,” I said, shaking my head. “OK, just coffee,” she said, without looking at me while quickly collecting the menu. One second later she was gone.

I ordered a single origin, manual brew Papuan coffee. In a proper, courteous, respectful coffee house, an order for a manual brew would usually followed by the question of how I would like the coffee made. Would I like it French pressed? Poured over? Aero pressed? Nope. No such thing.

A while later, a carafe one third filled with coffee appeared on my table. I said appeared because the waiter who brought it there did not seem to realize that I was at the table. She just put the carafe while mumbling, “Single origin coffee,” and fixed her eyes on something or someone across the room as though I was nonexistent.

Well, the luck of the dieting coffee lover.

On the other hand, this is a good exercise. In my previous weight loss attempt, I have successfully trained myself to drink black coffee. I can now easily drink 5-6 cups of it a day. But before today, I often felt like I had to have something with that black coffee. First, it was just crackers. Then moved up to biscuits. And then pastries. And before I realized it, I would have a full meal with my coffee.

Now, it’s back to just coffee. And it’s good, too. I am back to enjoying coffee for what it is.

I imagine in the future, despite the fact that I have completed my weight loss program, I may have to continue watching my carbohydrate intake. So every now and then, I might have a small piece of cheese cake with my coffee. Or a chunk of banana frites. I might even take someone to the coffee shop to split the goodies, and the waiters will stop treating me like a non person.

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