Shepherd’s Pie from “Macaroni Panggang Bogor”

As we were concluding our new year holiday in Bogor, we decided to have lunch at a well-known local eatery. Macaroni Panggang or MP for short is famous for its baked cuisine. Previously, we have tried its baked macaroni (from where its name “Macaroni Panggang” came), and lasagna.

The MP occupies the lower floor of a two-story house. On the upper floor, they set up another restaurant specializing in steak and the so-called “Mexican food”. One of the main dish is the Shepherd’s Pie. In short, it’s a pie made from mashed potato and minced meat. They offer this pie in two version: mutton or beef.

A quick check in Wikipedia and Reference revealed a misnomer and a misidentification. One, the name Shepherd’s Pie only applies to the mutton version, while the correct name for the beef version is cottage pie. So there is no beef Shepherd’s Pie. Two, both Cottage and Shepherd’s pie are not Mexican food. They originated around the 1700s in Scotland and Northern England, not long after potatoes were widely accepted.

This is how cottage pie usually looks like:


The original is between 3/4 to 4/5 meat with a crust of potato on top. This is what was served in MP:

How sliced #shepherdspie from @macaronipanggangbogor looks like.

A photo posted by Stephen Siregar (@stephen_siregar) on Jan 2, 2017 at 1:20am PST

There is a big difference. So let’s discuss about the MP version from a standpoint of a person who never had a proper Cottage or Shepherd’s pie.

The pie was mostly made of potato. Underneath the potato crust was a mixture of minced meat, red bean, corn, diced carrots, and cheese. For us, it was pretty good and satisfying. The pie was made fresh from scratch. It took awhile for the pie to bake, but it arrived fresh and hot on our table. We ordered the beef version. So it’s actually a Cottage pie instead of Shepherd’s pie.

#onionring from @macaronipanggangbogor. #comfortfood #indonesia #bogor #culinary #experience

A photo posted by Stephen Siregar (@stephen_siregar) on Jan 1, 2017 at 11:59pm PST

We had onion rings and coffee with the pie.  The onion ring was just a tad oily. Crispy at first, but the crisp began to fade as the rings were left sitting for a few minutes.

#onionring from @macaronipanggangbogor. #comfortfood #indonesia #bogor #culinary #experience

A photo posted by Stephen Siregar (@stephen_siregar) on Jan 1, 2017 at 11:59pm PST


They actually served Illy coffee, but they were accommodating to our request for local coffee. They rushed downstairs to their sister restaurant and ordered two cups of manually brewed black coffee. The cups tasted great! To bad we forgot to ask what coffee was it.

All and all, it was a great dining experience. As for price, I cannot say it’s cheap. Between my wife and I, we spent around IDR 150,000 (roughly USD 11).  I would recommend for you to come and get a taste.

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