In Collision Course

When SARS made the news in 2003, the number of people who wore masks was very, very few. So few that they who did drew curious stares. It wasn’t that SARS was not serious. In the period of its outbreak between 2002 and 2004, over 8,098 people worldwide were infected and 774 people died from […]

The Poison Called Negativity

Lately I am more aware of how poisonous negative thoughts are. The worst thing about it is that negative thoughts usually come from false evidence. This morning at 5 AM I received a WhatsApp message from my brother, who is also my boss. The message was asking for my response to an important e-mail he […]

How Do You Control Your Temper

We employ two maids to take care of our elderly mother and her house. One just joined the household, and the other one has been with us for nearly three years. As soon as the new one joined, the older one complained that she is lazy and spend most of her time on her phone. […]

Learning to be Thankful

I am learning to be thankful these days. It’s easy to be lured into grumbling about things that I am not happy about. Or regretting the past. Or missing for things that are no longer here. Lately, I am trying to change my thoughts from, “If only” or “I wish I hadn’t” to “I am […]